Always putting your customer at the center of your business creates a service driven culture. The best and most successful businesses clearly understood this fact.
This two day customer service training course will motivate participants to becoming more customer focused and more passionate about delivering outstanding service by understanding the logical and emotional motivations of a customer to buy or continue using a service. participants will learn how to become more flexible communicators who are able to engage better with customers, portray energy, commitment and ownership in each customer interaction.This two day program will energize your staff to deliver world class service that leaves customers with a lasting positive impression.

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:
 Course objectives:

Discover the attitude, skills and knowledge needed to be a successful customer service representative.

Explain the importance of measuring & benchmarking service as well as the value of a lost customer.

Realign their thinking about customer complaints and understand the opportunities in each challenging customer situation.

Understand what true customer loyalty is  and the importance of their role to ensure a positive customer experience.

Understand the concept of plus one’s and the value of exceeding customer expectations in each customer interaction.

Outline of topics:

Module 1 : What do customers want?

What customers want?
Logic Vs Emotion
Winning customers hearts
Customers want CASH

Module 2 : This thing called “Loyalty”

Defining a lifetime customer
Drivers of customer loyalty
Keeping Customers loyal and plus one’s
Why customers leave and cost of losing a customer

Module 3 : Measuring customer satisfaction:

Importance of customer feedback
Methods of collecting customer feedback
What is NPS?
Rate my NPS activity

Module 4 : Having The Right skills and attitude:

Attitude, Skills and Knowledge
Having the right service mentality
Rapport = Results
Strategies for building rapport

Module 5 : Value of a complaint:

A Complaint is a gift
Ground rules for receiving a complaint
Avoiding customers hot buttons and forbidden language

Module 6 : Customer service techniques:

Seven Diffusing techniques
Face saving out
Empowering customers