No matter if you are the boss at your company or an employee, change affects everyone. In dealing with change, people must address their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors first to be able to go through the labyrinth of change.

There are loads of books and training programs addressing organizational change. The different thing about this training program is that it focuses on personal reactions and emotions and what it actually feels like during a workplace change or a personal change. It provides you with a logical framework to assist you in gaining perspective on the change situation you are facing and its impact and helping you develop insight that will guide you through the transition.

The goal of this one day program is to help you take responsibility for how you react and respond to a change by giving you a set of tools and techniques of self-awareness and assessment to light up the curves and sometimes bumpy ride on your road to change.

Course objectives:

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

Clearly understand how it feels like during a change situation.

Understand and follow a six step process to help you take responsibility for how you react and respond to change.

Outline of topics

Module 1 : Introduction to Change   

The 5 key principles of change

Readiness for change – self assessment questionnaire

The change curve

The link between change and memory

Part 1: Loss & Doubt (Step 1&2)

Step 1 loss to safety

Choices model and the burning platform

Step 2 Doubt to reality

The six basic questions

Part 2: Discovery (Step 3&4)

 Step 3 Discomfort to motivation

 Self reframing

 Step 4 Discovery to perspective

Force field analysis

Part 3: Integration (Step 5&6)

 Step 5 Recognizing the benefits of the change

 Changes you survived – Activity

 Step 6 Experiencing integration after the change

 Change analogy – the flying trapeze