Sales Mastery

Learn how to be a more effective and professional as a sales person that primarily will teach you how to ask the right questions and offer the best solutions for your customers

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We dont just train we also do

There are many excellent academies, colleges, tutors and private firms offering a range of accountancy and business skills training, often offering specific specialization and sometimes helping students to achieve recognised qualifications

So why train with Accounts Direct Acadmey?

We have many years in business working within the industries in which we train, this means that our students do not simply learn from the study books, but learn the real world application of their studies

Book knowledge is important, but so is experience, we encourage and cultivate both.

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Ideal choice for businesses

We are the ideal choice for businesses that don’t just want their employees to know, but want their employees to do and do it better

We are the ideal choice for business owners who wish to improve their own skills in relevant areas

We are the ideal choice for people who wish to start their own business as we concentrate on core skills and how to apply them

We are the ideal choice for franchisors who wish to give their franchisees a grounding in real business skills

We have designed our courses with the employers in mind and give a frank review of progress to both employees and employers so everyone can see what is going on

How tutors are also experienced professionals within the subject they teach